So apparently this is a cultural phenomenon? Well at first I was turned off because the title made me think of eating. Not to mention I loathed both Harry Potter and Twilight. Ewwww giovane persone fiction! But then I gazed upon the trailer for the upcoming filmic adaptation and pensato-ed to myself, “Wow, what the fuck is this?” So, naturally I read the book. You know the feeling when you have an amazing idea for an article or essay, you write it, and then you read back to yourself and you it sounds you’re in middle school…. maybe even the non-honors class? This obviously never happens to me, but I’m sure it happens to you. Anywho, that’s how the bitch who wrote this book must feel. I weep for people with great ideas and no ability to execute.

But it turns out the studio seems to have decided to not completely destroy the book’s good ideas! Observe: Crazy Promotion. It’s a faux fasion website advertizing looks from the Capital. Its creepy as hell because SPOILER ALERT: these fashionable rich people love to sit around watching poor kids die! Hey, wait a second. I’ve seen something like that before:

Skip to about 4:10 if you have ADD

Well, no one understood it 9 years ago. Kudos on needing a children’s book to help you catch up America!

Regardless, that website is some serious ZOOP level brilliant shit. Conflating the movie-going public with the vane society folk from the capital. (Hint: they’re both enjoying watching the young poor people die. lolz) should be quite stimulating. Now lets hope the movie doesn’t look like it’s directed my some sixth grader straight off the short bus. Shit, there’s no way they don’t fuck this up right?